Today's Highlights   |   Wednesday, May 27
Bill's Message of the Day   |   Wednesday, May 27
Late yesterday afternoon the two presidential candidates of 2020 were both in action. President Trump held a press conference while Joe Biden did an interview on CNN. Saw them both. Here’s the lowdown.
Mr. Trump was promptly asked about why he is promoting a murder scenario involving hate/Trump commentator Joe Scarborough. I don’t think President Eisenhower ever fielded a question like that. Anyway, Mr. Trump answered that a lot of people have questions about Morning Joe. That might be an exaggeration. An honest answer from the President would be: I despise the man and want to embarrass him.
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Video of the Day

VOD - CNN Heaps Praise ... on CNN
CNN's Wolf Blitzer effusively lauded CNN's Dana Bash after her softball interview with Joe Biden. Blitzer was especially impressed because Bash drove "in your own car" all the way from Washington to Delaware. What a trouper!