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Bill's Message of the Day   |   Wednesday, August 21
Yesterday in Iowa, Joe Biden apparently told a crowd that Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were both assassinated in the 1970’s.  Not good, as the men were separately murdered in 1968.
Not a big mistake but one of many, leading both Biden supporters and detractors to wonder about his mental acumen.
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VOD - MSNBC Worries Over 'Drastic' 'Setback' for 'Critical' Planned Parenthood Funding
Tuesday afternoon MSNBC anchors spent their shows fretting that the largest abortion provider in the country was opting out of Title X government funding over an abortion gag order. Hosts Andrea Mitchell, Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle whined that poor "non-political" women who "depended" on the abortion giant would lose access to "critical health care" because of the Trump administration. First on Andrea Mitchell Reports, she set up the situation as dramatically as possible, calling it a "setback" for women's rights and it was all the Trump administration's fault. Mitchell fretted to her liberal attorney guest, "Joyce, this is pretty dramatic and drastic because it affects the people least able to get other healthcare services. Those who are served by Planned Parenthood."