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Bill's Message of the Day   |   Thursday, December 12
It should be clear to any fair person that President Trump has not been treated the way other presidents have been.  After the Horowitz testimony yesterday, we now know beyond any doubt that powerful forces actively undermined Mr. Trump’s campaign and, after he took office, his administration.
But the guilty parties will never admit what they did even though I expect some of them to be indicted over the FISA warrant fiasco.
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VOD - MSNBC Fears Dems Not Politicizing Impeachment Enough
Anchoring special MSNBC coverage of Wednesday's Senate hearing with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd worried that "Republicans are playing to win" when it comes to the impeachment of President Trump while Democrats were "trying to play by the rules." Just prior to the start of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining the origins of the Russia investigation, Todd took a moment with his panelists to discuss the politics of impeachment, fretting, "You know, the President has decided to wrap his arms around impeachment as a campaign tactic. The campaign has used it, I think, quite effectively....feels like they have fought this to a political draw." He warned that the political fight was "asymmetrical warfare," where Republicans "don't care" if they are "politicizing the issue" and "Democrats have been afraid of looking like they're politicizing impeachment."