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New Accusations Against Justice Brett Kavanaugh

New sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were reported by the New York Times. What action, if any, do you believe Kavanaugh should take?
Sue the New York Times for libel.
Sue the women for their false allegations against him
Go after the Democrats attempting to impeach him
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Bill O'Reilly on Tour - Understanding Trump

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Mesa Arts Center Ikeda Theater
Nov 16 Sat

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Oct 26 Sat

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Dec 15 Sun

Video of the Day

VOD - MSNBC: Biden a 'Thanksgiving Uncle' Racist Who 'Has to Drop Out'
MSNBC contributor Anand Giridharadas aired on Joy Reid's MSNBC show on Saturday morning-the theme? Joe Biden must go! While acknowledging that Biden is not a guy-in-a-hood racist, Anand Giridharadas accused Biden of being a racist of a more subtle sort: a throwback to the "Mad Men" era, a "Thanksgiving uncle" racist, and someone who believes "Americaness means whiteness." Mr. Giridharadas focused on Biden's statement at this past week's debate. Asked what he would do to repair the legacy of slavery, Biden implied that blacks lack parenting skills. Giridharadas opined that Biden would be the wrong person to take on President Trump, whom he accused of being a white nationalist. Giridharadas' concluding words on Biden: "He has to drop out."