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Bill's Message of the Day   |   Monday, February 24
It was kind of stunning to see Michael Bloomberg unable to defend himself against attacks he knew were coming at last night’s debate.  Surely he understood that Elizabeth Warren, who thinks due process is a joke and all “misbehavior” allegations must be taken as facts, would pound him on the woman issue.  It took Warren about ten seconds to do just that.
And Mayor Mike was foolish to think that apologizing for stop and frisk was going to fly.  Hey, Mike, your opponents don’t want to frisk you, they want to destroy you.
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VOD - MSNBC: Sanders Win in Nevada Is Like France Falling to the Nazis
Speaking of the effectiveness of the Sanders campaign thus far in consolidating the "liberal and very liberal" voters in the Democratic Party, MSNBC's Chris Matthews commended Bernie Sanders. "Bernie, on the other hand, did his job. He got more than a majority, more than a majority of that 67 percent. That is the name of the game. It is pretty much over, unless that changes," he said. That seemed to trigger Matthews' memory regarding recently reading about the fall of France, he then added, "I'm reading last night about the fall of France in the summer of 1940. And the Prime Minister Reynaud calls up Churchill and says, "it's over." And Churchill says, "How can it be, you got the greatest army in Europe? How can it be over?" He said, "It's over." Matthews then continued to fret over Sanders saying, "They're sitting on so much op-research on Bernie, what he said in the past about world affairs. How far-left he is. They're going to make the most of that in terms of world politics. They're going to kill him. But I think it's a little late to stop him, and I think that's the problem."