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Bill's Message of the Day   |   Thursday, October 17
Donald Trump had no idea how much hatred he would experience as President of the United States.  Of that, I am certain.  The loathing from the media is nonstop and brutal, designed to break Mr. Trump as a human being.
His solace comes from supporters who treat him like Elvis Presley at his rallies. Without the folks, the President would be more battered than he already is.
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The Fourth Democratic Debate

In last night's Democratic Presidential Debate, Anderson Cooper asked Joe Biden about his son's dealing with Ukraine. Do you think Anderson Cooper....
Let Joe Biden off easy, only asking two questions on the subject
Asked enough questions and follow up questions to Joe Biden
I didn't watch the debate
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VOD - Nets Thrilled By Dems Showing United Front on Impeachment
On Wednesday, all three network morning shows presented an united front while praising 2020 Democratic candidates for "showing a united front against President Trump" during Tuesday night's presidential debate. Reporters eagerly touted how all 12 candidates supported impeachment. "Democrats' fiery debate. Candidates unite behind impeachment...," co-host Gayle King proclaimed at the top of CBS This Morning. Minutes later, correspondent Ed O'Keefe touted: "It was the fourth round of debates in the Democratic presidential primary, but the first set against the backdrop of impeachment. And on that issue, there was near universal agreement." A series of soundbites ran of the candidates rushing to declare their support for overturning the results of the 2016 election.