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Bill's Message of the Day   |   Tuesday, November 19
The impeachment carnival begins again today and most Americans don’t care. It’s boring and will stay that way unless Monica Lewinsky is sworn in and asked for her thoughts on Ukraine and Hunter Biden.
By this time, most Americans understand the ruse even if they disapprove of President Trump.  Many of us are busy.  If there is clear wrongdoing from a President, then all hell will break loose.  But this is like watching “As Ukraine Turns,” the daytime soap.  It goes on and on with little purpose.
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VOD - CNN Claims the 'Truth Is Closing In' on Trump!
In a Sunday segment on "Reliable Sources", host Brian Stelter brought on Dan Rather to talk about why the "truth still matters." At the same time, Stelter wanted Rather to talk about how the "truth is closing in" on President Trump, and how the President apparently runs a cult. "So let's talk more about the truth and why it matters and what's been happening in the impeachment inquiry coverage," Stelter proclaimed. "I think we've seen the last few days, as to say, truth has begun to close in. Facts are beginning to matter. The difference between facts and the truth, people under oath and the false narratives that have been put out in way of defense is beginning to tell," Rather stated.