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Forgive me for not sitting through the impeachment thing. I just can’t do it. Reading the wire reports is almost unbearable as well but I am doing that.
This is terrible for the country and dishonest to boot.  Mike Bloomberg should be ashamed of his pro/impeachment ad.  He knows better.  Removing a president should not be based on party politics, that negates the will of the voters.
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VOD - The View Pushes Impeachment Conspiracy: McConnell, Trump Lawyers 'Hiding' 'Something Gross'
As the Senate impeachment trial for President Trump began, the hosts of The View began by bashing Republicans for not doing what Democrats want, or as they put it, "the will of the people." Co-host Joy Behar even speculated that Republicans supporting Trump and his own impeachment lawyers were hiding something "gross" from the public. "69% of Americans want to see new witnesses, and want to see documents, but that doesn't seem to impact, you know, Moscow Mitch at all because you know what? Because I'm curious, what is he hiding? You know everyone who's defending Trump seems to be hiding something, you know?" Joy Behar ranted.