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The mass murder in New Zealand is now being used by fanatics in the USA to spin a narrative about “white nationalist terror.”  It’s another absurd spin designed to tie President Trump to the “white supremacy” movement and make a moral equivalency between terror acts committed by caucasians and those perpetrated by Muslims.
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VOD - CNN Uses Shooting in New Zealand to Compare Trump to White Supremacist
During much of the Friday morning reporting, CNN repeatedly tied the mosque shooting in New Zealand to President Trump. This type of analysis continued well into the primetime hours; with guests on Anderson Cooper 360 comparing President Trump to a white supremacist as well as the shooter that killed dozens of Muslims in New Zealand. Reporting from the White House, Jim Acosta talked about how Kellyanne Conway was "urging reporters to read the entire manifesto". Jim Acosta continued, "what was also striking, Anderson, in that manifesto, was that the killer was using terms like 'invaders' and 'invasion' when talking about immigration and the immigration issue; almost the same kind of language that the President was using earlier today when he was vetoing that legislation up on Capitol Hill."