News Quiz
News Quiz: the Secret Service, a TV Cheap Fake, and a Beloved Comedian
This week's news quiz includes the Secret Service, a TV Cheap Fake, and a Beloved Comedian.
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1. Donald Trump didn't mention what during his Thursday night acceptance speech?
2. One network's hosts appeared to be reporting from Milwaukee but were actually in New York City. Which network?
3. Embattled Secret Service boss Kimberly Cheatle previously served as head of security for which firm?
4. Recently-deceased Lou Dobbs joined which cable network at its very inception?
5. Which MSNBC regular writes some of Joe Biden's most important speeches?
6. Which prominent Republican did not attend last week's convention?
7. And which former Trump aide spoke at the convention shortly after being released from a federal penitentiary?
8. Last week Elon Musk announced that he is moving SpaceX out of California to protest new legislation involving what?
9. According to a ranking by ESPN, who is the greatest athlete of the 21st century?
10. Comedian Bob Newhart, who died last week at 94, often used which prop during his popular routines?