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News Quiz: Our Embattled President and his Growing Legion of Critics
This week's News Quiz Focuses on our Embattled President and his Growing Legion of Critics.
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1. Which Texan was the first Democratic member of Congress to ask President Biden to withdraw from the presidential race?
2. Meanwhile, which veteran Democratic strategist is also urging the president to step aside?
3. Joe Biden delivered a four-minute speech last week to rail against a Supreme Court ruling that dealt with what?
4. Under the 25th Amendment, which government official can initiate the removal of an incapacitated president?
5. Who has reportedly been attending White House meetings?
6. Kier Starmer has just become prime minister of which nation?
7. Which Republican Senator has not yet endorsed Donald Trump?
8. A Democratic Senator locked in a tough reelection battle did not appear with President Biden when he held a rally in the senator's state Friday. Who?
9. The Summer Olympics begin later this month in which city?
10. Jill Biden graces the latest cover of which fashion magazine?