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News Quiz: The Oscars, Mike Pompeo, & Splash Mountain
This week's News Quiz includes high-tech tanks, edible insects, and a country crooner.
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1. Who is replacing Ron Klain as White House chief of staff, thus becoming perhaps the most powerful person in America?
2. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused which member of Congress of leaking classified information?
3. Which social media platform is continuing its ban on Donald Trump?
4. Speaking of social media, Sen. Tom Cotton wants a national ban on which platform?
5. According to her daughter, Nancy Pelosi had what done to her house after the attack on her husband?
6. Tough question: Which military contractor makes the advanced Abrams M1 tanks that will be sent to Ukraine?
7. Disney World has closed its popular Splash Mountain because the ride was considered what by some?
8. The European Union is now allowing which insect to be counted as food?
9. Oscar candidates for Best Picture now include some popular movies. Which is NOT among this year's nominees?
10. Which country music star will sing the National Anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl?