News Quiz
News Quiz: Donald Trump, FTX, & the Washington Commanders
This week's News Quiz features the dethroned Speaker, Trump's declaration, a crypto fraudster, as well as other subjects.
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1. Which family member was absent on Tuesday when Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy?
2. Which network carried Trump's announcement in its entirety?
3. In the recent midterms, which state had a Senate seat flipped from one party to the other?
4. Which defeated gubernatorial candidate has thus far refused to concede?
5. Mitch McConnell has been reelected minority leader in the Senate after withstanding a challenge from whom?
6. Sam Bankman-Fried, whose FTX crypto exchange went belly-up, was the second largest donor to Democrats over the past two years. Who gave more?
7. Nancy Pelosi's father was mayor of which major American city?
8. In an effort to scare young people away from using drugs, the government of Mexico created an ad that uses footage from which city?
9. With the NFL season just past the midway point, which is the only remaining undefeated team?
10. Soccer fans attending the World Cup in Qatar risk arrest if they arrive with certain items that are banned in the country. What CAN they bring?