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O'Reilly's News Quiz: Have you been Paying Attention?
Okay, it's time to test your brilliance with our weekly quiz. Included are questions about the economy, a wartime photo shoot, shark attacks, and a very rude Congresswoman. Good luck, and don't forget to post your score here for all to see.
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1. Using the traditional definition of two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, when was the last U.S. recession?
2. The U.S. may swap WNBA star Brittney Griner and another prisoner for Russian Viktor Bout, who is imprisoned in Illinois. What is Bout's ominous nickname?
3. According to the World Health Organization, monkeypox is concentrated among which group of people?
4. On the subject of monkeypox, which city has declared an official 'public health emergency' to help combat the virus?
5. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife Olena posed for an elegant photo spread in which magazine?
6. Which artist is taking heat for charging more than $5,000 for some tickets on an upcoming tour?
7. The 2024 Republican National Convention will almost certainly be held in which city?
8. How many Americans are killed by sharks in an average year?
9. Which smug, insufferable, far left TV host was given the axe last week?
10. The Congressional baseball game is usually a good-natured event, but last week a California Democrat displayed her middle finger to the Republican team. Who?