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O'Reilly's News Quiz: Have you been Paying Attention?
Let's test your news knowledge with our weekly quiz. Included are questions about a dastardly new variant, Joe Biden's wealthy pal, the price of oil, and the crumbling dollar. Please post your score here for all to see!
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1. Like its predecessors, the latest variant of the Covid-19 virus is identified by a letter from the Greek alphabet. Which?
2. President Biden, who ridiculed President Trump's travel bans, is restricting flights from eight south African nations. Which is NOT among them?
3. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve stores 700-million barrels of oil at underground caverns located in Texas and which other state?
4. Joe and Jill Biden spent Thanksgiving at the $30-million Nantucket estate of David Rubenstein. How did the host earn his fortune?
5. Who has confirmed that he or she will run for president again in 2024?
6. As another sign of inflation, which chain is raising its prices to $1.25?
7. Musical genius Stephen Sondheim, who died Friday at age 91, wrote both the words and music to some fabled Broadway hits. Which is NOT among them?
8. The venerable American Medical Association, founded before the Civil War, is discouraging the use of which term?
9. Fiery Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has apologized for insulting which member of the so-called 'Squad?'
10. Which is the only team in the National Football League without a single victory?