The O'Reilly Factor
Get Bill's first #1 best-selling book! This million-copy New York Times bestseller brings populist common sense and rock-solid honesty to the modern news arena.
The O'Reilly Factor
"The O'Reilly Factor," Bill's first non-fiction book, sold over a million copies and spent fourteen weeks at the top of the New York Times bestseller list!

In the book Bill goes deep to reveal his strong beliefs about what is right and wrong in all areas of current American life.

"The O'Reilly Factor" is at once tough and funny, just like Bill. Bill on Al Sharpton and David Duke: "If God has a sense of humor, as I believe he does, [then those two] will be sharing a sauna in the netherworld. With one thermostat."

O'Reilly makes his arguments in that famous No Spin style. The Feds spent $230,000 for a study of housefly sex habits, $27,000 for an analysis of why prisoners want to escape, and $100,000 to find out why Americans don't like beets. The Government could have saved us a lot of money if they had listened to Bill: "Houseflies mate when no one is looking. Prisoners don't like prison. Beets don't taste good."

The critics:

Bill O'Reilly, this brash New York guy with a brash show and a brash book, is becoming a huge media star.
New York Observer

He is a complicated man, at once belligerent and self-effacing, ambitious and determined to remain humble. He is Everyman on a barstool, mad as hell, but with a wink.

This book bristles with assumptions, assessments, and attitudes that will either have you bobbing your head in agreement or shaking it in disbelief. No wonder O'Reilly's ratings are rising the way the stocks once did.

He's softhearted and enraged in equal measures. He's hard-driven and bemused by where his drive got him. He's the male sphinx as TV blabbermouth.
James Ellroy, GQ