Fear the Walking Trump
May 21, 2023

History provides a pathway to the possible, and Donald Trump knows that.  Americans who believe the former president has no chance of being re-elected are delusional in their understanding of human nature.

Trump is a populist, a political "strong man." In times of societal chaos, those kinds of leaders take on a stronger appeal. Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, Castro, Hitler, etcetera. All ascended to power because their respective countries were in disarray.

In America, Franklin Roosevelt took advantage of the Great Depression and World War II to consolidate a tremendous amount of power as Americans rewarded him with four terms.

Writing in The Spectator, historian Niall Ferguson, generally favorable to Trump, points out that da Silva in Brazil, Netanyahu in Israel, and Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia all had serious legal troubles but were elected anyway. In times of mayhem, voters want quick action, and most other considerations recede.

Action is what Donald Trump promises. He'll solve Ukraine in a day, bring back prosperity to workers, and quickly solve the border crisis.

The corporate media totally discounts Trump's persona and has branded him a pathological liar. It doesn't matter. The public no longer trusts or even listens to the corrupt press. Today, public opinion is shaped by what folks WANT to believe, not by ideological news barons pushing an agenda.

So, as long as Donald Trump can remain upright with mouth open, he has a chance to reoccupy the Oval Office. And the fact that President Biden can no longer even process information, much less solve vexing problems, helps the former president dramatically.

Donald Trump, however, faces two serious obstacles in his reelection quest. The first is Special Counsel Jack Smith who's investigating Trump's behavior on January 6th as well as the classified documents/basement thing.

Smith is a Washington insider and understands his social status will fall apart in that town if he does not recommend Trump for prosecution. Thus, that is likely to happen. Everything is personal in our nation's capital.

The other obstacle is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who will soon announce his presidential run. The Governor is acceptable to most Republicans and can mount a serious challenge to the Don.

But, at this point, Mr. Trump is well ahead in the GOP polling and is intensely driven to reacquire the most powerful man in the world mantle.

And therefore, for those who despise him, there should be fear. Donald Trump is far from dead.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:00 AM
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Fear the Walking Trump
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