A Socialist Nightmare at the Super Bowl
February 12, 2023

(Phoenix) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would hate this. The NFL Commissioner's pre-Super Bowl party. Swanky Phoenician Hotel. Police dogs securing the entrance. Christina Aguilera performing. Staggering wealth everywhere.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft tells me what a miserable season the Pats had. As a young man, Kraft took over a packaging business in the working-class town of Worcester, Massachusetts. He's now worth billions.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, an oil "bidness" guy, explains how he turned the team from a money loser into perhaps the most valuable sports franchise in the world by "leveraging" his assets, a staple of capitalism.

The Commissioner, Roger Goodell, talks to me about the financial opportunities his league provides for thousands, including players who can quickly become merit-based millionaires. Goodell runs one of the most successful business operations on earth, using capitalism to produce prosperity.

Finally, I spent some time with the Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Again, capitalism, not football, was the focus of the conversation as President Biden is now firmly entrenched in the socialist camp.

By the way, it's important to know why Mr. Biden refused to do a Superbowl interview with Fox News. Some far-left donors, all millionaires, objected because they despise Fox. So, as usual, Biden followed their "suggestion."

Anyway, Speaker McCarthy says he's on a mission to defeat the far-left movement which has gained control of an American president. That has never happened before.

The Valley of the Sun here in Arizona is greatly benefiting from the Superbowl, as do all venues that host the game. My driver out here is a guy I met in first grade and schooled with for 12 years. He's making a pile of money this week. The capitalists are in town.

Some people believe the Superbowl display is bad and that fat cats should forfeit as many assets as the government can possibly take from them. I'm no fan of greedy consumption, "possession obsession," as Hall & Oates sang, but I'm astute enough to realize that the land of opportunity will not be that if far-left loons advance much further.

Havana will never host the Superbowl.

So, as the limos depart the swell gathering and the "haves" get ready for the ultimate game, it is clear that capitalism provides almost unlimited opportunity to those who work hard and wind up earning a good fortune.

Socialism does not.

Somebody tell Joe Biden.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 11:02 AM
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A Socialist Nightmare at the Super Bowl
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