Is It Lights Out for the USA?
May 16, 2021
During the Vietnam days some radicals became heroes in the liberal press.  Let’s see, Jane Fonda, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Huey Newton - all became “far out” in the land of the groovy.  There was even a media name for the far-left movement: “radical chic.”
The revolution died out, of course, because it ran out of outrage.  After the war in Southeast Asia ended, the radicals splintered.  Ms. Fonda continued her movie career, John Kerry went into politics, Hoffman and Rubin self-destructed.
Today, radical chic is back but it’s dramatically different now because corporate media companies embrace it. They promote it.  They finance it.
That’s what “woke” is all about.  At the Disney corporation, employees are required to listen to a number of anti-American presentations.  The mouse factory has bought into white supremacy and Caucasian privilege in a big way.
Delta, Coca-Cola, Major League Baseball and other massive companies have attacked the state of Georgia for passing a more disciplined voting law.  Apparently, requiring an ID to cast a ballot is racist even though scores of countries have that on the books.
So, social power has shifted to the radical left courtesy of corporate America.  Stacey Abrams was recently given a TV deal by NBC/Comcast.  No traditional person has such a deal with NBC nor will they.
In addition, the radical left knows it can use the cancel culture to devastate opposition.  It’s easy to do that when the national media could not care less about the truth - all allegations are fit to print.
A committed liberal named Scott Stringer is running for mayor of New York City.  But he’s not left enough for the radicals.  

Presto, a nasty “misconduct” allegation appears and Stringer is done, despite his vehement denial of wrongdoing.
As Henny Youngman once said: “I’ve got a million of them.”
Corporations will eventually pay a financial price for backing the radical left but the present CEOs don’t seem to care.  They are frightened of the cancel thugs, they know there is little protection against them.
So woke it is.  No matter how much destruction befalls America.  In 2015, a Gallup Poll showed the vast majority of Americans thought race-relations were good.  Today, the populace is divided by race controversies including the heinous Critical Race Theory that places blame on white people for societal ills.
Meantime, American corporations have donated tens of millions of dollars to the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter Foundation.  Simply incredible.
We are indeed living in a “woke” era.  And if “we the people” don’t wake up and actively oppose the subversives, they will destroy American tradition.
It will be lights out.
Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:00 AM
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Is It Lights Out for the USA?
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