Super Tuesday?
March 3, 2024

Sixteen states hold primary votes on March 5, and it's billed as Super Tuesday. But everyone knows the outcomes, so there's not much "super" involved. Maybe we call it Predictable Tuesday or Ruby Tuesday if the Stones allow it.

The Democrats are seemingly stuck with President Biden even though he's too old to buy a place in The Villages.

Republicans are happy to give Donald Trump the nomination for a third consecutive time, some hoping the former president will finally run out of insults and run a more moderate campaign.

However, on Thursday, he called Governor Newsom of California "New-scum," so much for moderation.


At this point in history, the country is so divided that consensus on anything seems impossible. The far left has caused incredible damage over the past three years, and you're a fool if you deny it. Just the open border chaos alone backs up that statement.

Watching from the golf course, Donald Trump understands the progressive failure but inexplicably fails to exploit it. Instead, he trashes and lashes and then dashes from one controversy to another.

So what are good citizens to do?

Turn to history, that's what.

Having just finished writing my upcoming book "Confronting the Presidents," I have a lot of solid research on both Biden and Trump, as well as the other 43 Chief Executives. Not dopey ideological stuff, but undeniable facts.

First, the President, Joe Biden, is barely hanging on. Inside the White House, he only works a few hours a day. He doesn't create anything. His staff and wife guide him through appearances and meetings.

He is still able to read the teleprompter but does not remember much about what he says or does. That was demonstrated when he asked a child where he had just traveled. The little boy correctly stated Ireland, as you will remember.

But Joe did not remember.

If re-elected, President Biden will not be able to finish his second term, in my opinion. And even while he's in the White House, his advisors are calling the shots, not him.

On the Trump front, it's complicated. If you read my book "Killing the Killers," you know the former president put together a whip-smart national security team that made things very difficult for America's enemies. Life for ISIS savages, for example, often ended in a quick death. Trump was engaged in foreign affairs. Biden obviously is not. One word: Afghanistan.

The Biden economy has been painful as real wages are down, and inflation is up. The price of food is hammering working Americans.

Under Trump, real wages were up more than 7 percent. Inflation was below 2 percent.

So, by those measures, Trump should defeat Biden by a landslide. Think Nixon-McGovern, 1972.

But that will not happen, as the election looks to be close. The polls say most Americans would prefer other candidates. I still believe Mr. Biden won't make the finish line, but Mr. Trump certainly will.

As for you, the honest voter, it's all about which party reflects your beliefs. Put the two men aside. They are both short-timers in a historical sense.

The future of America lies with traditional vs. progressive policies. That's what you must consider. Biden and Trump are simply shadows in the night, men in their twilight time.

This is obviously not a super situation. But it is one of great importance as the nation struggles to define itself.

Your vote will be vital.

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Posted by Bill O'Reilly at 12:00 AM
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Super Tuesday?
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