Washington Examiner Covers O'Reilly's Scuffle With Politico
By: BOR StaffJuly 21, 2021
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In an article published Wednesday, your humble correspondent Bill O’Reilly spoke to the Washington Examiner about his reaction to a Politico hit piece that disparaged the sales of the upcoming History Tour featuring former President Donald Trump, even as the events stand nearly six months away from commencing.

“We knew when we announced the Trump show that I would be attacked,” Bill told the Examiner.

Monday on the No Spin News, Bill addressed last week’s article by Politico which tried to promote the tour as a dud on arrival with slowed ticket sales.

“It was like talking to a 9th grader, some school newspaper,” Bill said of his interaction with the interviewer, adding he only spoke to Politico “out of respect” for Trump who made the request.

Bill also pointed out the tour had made $7 million without marketing and promotion, adding that VIP tickets, the most expensive available, were sold out for all but one show.

The Examiner also discussed the inadvertent boost in ticket sales the hit piece may have had on the tour and elaborated with Bill on his amusement at being compared to the musical act Bad Bunny.

 “I said, 'Bad Bunny?' Do you know how much he was charging for his tickets? Is Nasty Squirrel opening for him? What are you talking about?,” Bill told the Examiner. "So Live Nation controls Bad Bunny and all the other animals that go into the concert arenas. And they announce tickets, and then they back it up with $500,000 or $750,000 worth of advertising. And that's how they sell. That's what they do. In this show, we're not going to do that."

The limited engagement History Tour takes place...