Trump's Indictment
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 9, 2023
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With the two most famous politicians in America both accused of criminal activity, the morale in this country should be sinking fast. 

It is, but not because Biden and Trump are under investigation. No, the main problem is many Americans do not trust the agencies doing the probing.  It's like Chicago in the 1930's when Al Capone bribed the judges, prosecutors, and police. Capone, a heinous killer, was only held to account when President Roosevelt ordered Treasury Department agents to get him.  

Today, the federal law enforcement apparatus is clearly out to "get" Donald Trump.  But Hunter and, to some extent, Joe Biden are being protected. 

If anyone denies that analysis the person is being dishonest or incredibly naive.

It is certainly possible that both Trump and Biden broke the law.  But how will we know when the establishment fix has been in against Trump since 2016.

On the Biden front, does anyone in the world believe Attorney General Merrick Garland will aggressively pursue the whistleblower's bribery allegations?

The term for this kind of stuff in third world tropical countries is "banana republic."  Maybe we should brand our nation the "corrupt partisan republic."

Because that's what we are.  

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