The Ultra-MAGA
By: BOR StaffMay 13, 2022
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It says a lot about the left's disconnect with half of America when a perceived insult ends up being a rallying cry.

Hillary Clinton did it with her infamous "deplorables" debacle and now President Biden has done it with "Ultra-MAGA."

The President is oblivious to the fact that half of America is happy to associate with the "Make America Great Again" movement started by former President Trump.

Despite the left's efforts to paint MAGA and Trump as racist nationalist idiots, half of this country either disagrees with that notion or chooses not to admonish those disenfranchised with Washington.

And leave it to Biden and his crew to attack a group by giving them a cool nickname.  Ultra-MAGA sounds like Ultra-Mega.

Then he doubled down and called Trump the "Ultra-MAGA king."  Why didn't he just call Trump "Captain Cool Dude"? 

Trump has already adopted it and owned it.