The Two Worst
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 23, 2023
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The Two Worst

March 4, 1857, was a cool, breezy day in Washington, D.C. Pennsylvanian James Buchanan had been elected the 15th President of the United States with one overriding mandate: keep the United States together.

Buchanan, a bachelor and career politician, was succeeding the hapless, often intoxicated Franklin Pierce, who allowed the country to fall into disarray over slavery. Buchanan was supposed to fix that.

It started badly. Old Buch's Inaugural Address was a mealy-mouthed batch of nothing.

"All agree that under the Constitution slavery in the states is beyond the reach of any power ..."

Foolish blather that engendered joy among plantation owners in Dixie. The new President would not confront the evil of slavery. And that's exactly what happened throughout the next four years; James Buchanan sat in the Executive Mansion doing nothing while the South destroyed any semblance of federal power.

It is said the White House is haunted. If so, the ghost of Old Buch must be best friends with the foggy Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States. The two are kindred spirits, so to speak.

President Biden's mandate is to solve difficult problems like illegal immigration and racial animus. The truth is he has made those vexations far worse, just as Buchanan did with the slave issue.

The best illustration is the southern border which is under siege by foreign nationals trying to find a better life in America. On Biden's watch, nearly seven million migrants have illegally crossed the border, with thousands more coming every day. That collapse of federal authority has led to chaos throughout the country. Just last week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a liberal Democrat, said the unfettered flow of migrants is destroying the fabric of the nation's largest city.

Biden's open border policy has also led to a record number of narcotics coming into the USA, including heroin and fentanyl. In 2022, the DEA seized 10,000 pounds of fentanyl powder, double the amount seized in 2021.

Of course, drug overdose deaths are at a record level as well, with hundreds of thousands of Americans dying.

Joe Biden rarely speaks to the press, but his administration says there is no crisis at the border. And in the President's clouded mind, there isn't. Like Buchanan, Biden doesn't want to confront the problem. He will not even try.

The proof of that is Biden's January meeting with President Obrador in Mexico City. Obrador has lost control of his country to the drug cartels. Last year, there were more than 50,000 murders or "disappearances" in Mexico. In the USA, with almost three times the population, there were 26,000 homicides.

Obrador has no interest in halting drug trafficking and illegal migration. Mexicans working in the USA send home an estimated $60 billion dollars every year. Cartel money fuels Obrador's economy. Outrageously, the Mexican President even taunts Americans for consuming narcotics saying the entire criminal mess is our fault.

So you would think Biden would be getting tough on Obrador, whose administration is hurting every American. But, no. Biden's trip to Mexico City looked like an outtake from the Three Amigos movie. The whole thing was an embarrassing slap-and-tickle display.

Somewhere, James Buchanan is nodding with a smile. Like slavery, there is nothing to be done by President Biden. Just go with the flow - of drugs and poor people.

President Buchanan was a dangerous incompetent whose apathy led to massive death and destruction.

So is President Biden.

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