The Sun Shades the Truth
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 2, 2022
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The Sun Shades the Truth
The Florida Sun-Sentinel is a struggling newspaper that serves the counties of Broward and Palm Beach.  In December, the paper dishonestly covered the Trump/O'Reilly History show reporting that an abundance of seats in the Fort Lauderdale arena went unsold.  The truth is the show grossed two million dollars in ticket sales, a reality that somehow went unmentioned by the newspaper which sought to denigrate the tour anyway it could.

In fact, the crowd was so large the Secret Service was caught by surprise resulting in a delay of folks getting into the building. The Sun-Sentinel used this opportunity to take pictures of empty seats that would eventually be filled.

So, this is a bad operation that needs to be examined.  And I have done that.  The paper is extremely liberal, despises Donald Trump, and routinely props up radical left ideology.

Recently, the Sun-Sentinel hammered Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for banning Critical Race Theory teaching in Florida Public Schools.  The newspaper accused DeSantis and the entire Republican Party of perpetuating the notion "that racism did not have a major influence on American history and that it is not an issue now."

That's quite an accusation but I can find no statement Governor DeSantis has ever made that comes close to the Sun-Sentinel's allegation.  Perhaps the paper can print some backup to educate me.

Don't count on it.

Again, the truth is that other than covering high school football games, this so-called newspaper is in business to help the progressive cause.  So, admit it, Sun-Sentinel people!  State the truth - it will set you free, so to speak.

If you doubt what I am reporting here's a nifty quote the paper ran supporting Critical Race Theory: "Racism in the United States is the ordinary experience of people of color.  Often it takes the form of verbal or behavioral slights that may be subtle and even unconscious."

And who is promoting that "ordinary experience?"  Well, that would have to be white people including young children, correct?  I mean who else could be doing it?

Of course, even if it is "unconscious," evil racism should be placed in the backpacks of seven-year-olds by "woke" teachers who majored in witch-hunting, right Sun-Sentinel?

By all means, let's have CRT taught in schools - that's certain to foster racial harmony among students, right Sun-Sentinel?  

Desperately wrong.  Equating white skin with historical and contemporary evil crushes childhood while promoting confusion and division in undeveloped minds.  Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

When idiocy is combined with dishonesty, malevolence appears and it is likely this awful Sun-Sentinel newspaper will soon go under.

It can't be soon enough.