The Saga of Paul Pelosi
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 29, 2022
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The Saga of Paul Pelosi

When John David Chapman murdered John Lennon on December 8, 1980, the world was shocked.  How could a mentally ill man do that?  It was so unusual. Lennon didn't even have security.

Today, it's not out of the ordinary. Psychos are running wild in San Francisco, terrorizing the city while authorities look away. The guy who broke into the home owned by Nancy and Paul Pelosi did so at 2:30am armed with a hammer.  If the 82-year-old Paul had a gun, he might have neutralized the intruder who fractured his skull.

But the Pelosi's don't believe in self-protection.

They also don't even consider public safety. The maniac is allegedly a drug addict who lives on the streets of Oakland. There are tens of thousands of Bay Area people in the same circumstance. Authorities don't care and that includes Congresswoman Pelosi.  Dangerous street people are allowed to do what they want.

It looks like there is a political component to this story - the attack may have been ideologically motivated.  And the terrible truth is that political hatred in America on both sides has reached critical mass.

Some people were actually happy when the news broke because they despise Speaker Pelosi and, by extension, her husband. That is not a good mental state.

Also, a few far left pundits could not wait to blame "MAGA people." It took Bob Woodward about 30 seconds to point his finger at Trump.  The far left was salivating at the prospect.  So, where's the compassion for an elderly man almost killed in his own home?  It seems that political fanaticism has obliterated sympathy.

We are living in a poisonous political time because there are so many extremists. The corrupt media, of course, enables the haters because there is money to be made in doing so.

Maybe Elon Musk can bring some sanity to the Twitter universe leading others to follow.  

Or maybe we'll just have to accept our present status as the United States of Vitriol.