Senate Wear
By: BOR StaffSeptember 18, 2023
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Dress to impress is out, and loungewear is in.
Sen. John Fetterman hates wearing a suit. He also suffers from health problems. But part of me thinks this is more about the suit.
Instead of opting for a polo shirt and some elastic waistband khakis, the Senator opts to dress like a middle school kid heading to gym class in the winter.
And the Democrats just gave him a license to continue doing so.
Is it that big of a deal? No. On the other hand, President Biden puts on the suit when meeting with world leaders, when you know he'd prefer some gray sweatpants and tie-dye Crocs.
Get ready to turn on C-SPAN and see someone making a motion while wearing a Van Halen t-shirt and jeans. Is that where we're headed?
Everyone wants to be casual. This may be too casual.