Protecting Joe
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 30, 2021
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Protecting Joe
While researching Al Capone’s criminal enterprise in Chicago during prohibition for my book “Killing the Mob,” we came across evidence of bribes paid to newspaper reporters in the Windy City. Capone shrewdly corrupted the local press to portray him as a man of the people who supported a myriad of charities.  In truth, the mobster was a psychopath who’s brutal behavior set a template for the mob to this day.

The American press has always had elements of corruption within it.  But today standards of honest reporting have collapsed not because of bribery, but due to other financial considerations.

The national media is owned by a few massive corporations: Disney, Comcast, Viacom, Newscorp and AT&T on the broadcast side.  The Sulzberger family and Jeff Bezos control The New York Times and The Washington Post respectively.  A board of largely liberal business people run the Associated Press.

During the four years that President Trump was in office, the reportage on him was more than 90 percent negative despite a strong economy, the rapid development of a Covid vaccine, and complete energy independence for the USA.

It was obvious the fix was in - the coverage constantly spun negative and some of it like “Russian Collusion” was flat out false.  The media corporations, in general, despised Donald Trump and made serious money doing so.

Today we have a different side to media corruption - the protection of Joe Biden. Because the national press backed him to an absurd degree in the election, they are now in his pocket as he proceeds to run the country.

President Biden has quickly become the most liberal president in American history by embracing record federal spending, a divisive racial policy based on “equity,” and a chaotic immigration strategy that has led to suffering and absolute chaos.

It’s not that the corporate media is championing these things, although some far-left outlets are, it’s that they are blacking-out factual reporting about the consequences of Biden’s actions.

Item: Most Americans have seen their energy costs rise by more than 30 percent since Inauguration Day.

Item: Violent crime has spiraled out of control in the nation’s largest cities.

Item: More than 500,000 foreign nationals have “encountered” federal authorities since Mr. Biden dismantled Mr. Trump’s border policy.

Item: Since the Border Patrol and Immigration Agents are overwhelmed by the massive influx of migrants, narcotics interdiction has suffered enormously.  Last week the Governor of Texas announced there is more fentanyl, a potentially lethal drug, being smuggled into his state than ever before.  Of course, the free flow of narcotics enriches organized crime.

So, let me ask a simple question: how much reportage have you seen on the above items?  Even the border situation which did get some attention in the beginning is now being downplayed.

It’s all about protecting Joe Biden and, in the process, deceiving the American people.

And that is a clear and vivid example of corporate corruption.

Al Capone would like it.