Pressing the Point
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 9, 2021
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Pressing the Point
Donald Trump despises the national media.  He believes its hatred of him led to massive corruption, as false stories often based on fallacious anonymous sources brutalized his administration.
He is correct in his assessment.
The historical fact is that never in this country has a president been as vilified. However, most chief executives loathed their critics, but did not confront dishonest press coverage as publicly as Mr. Trump has.
Harry Truman hated many American media people. In a private letter to his Secretary of State Dean Acheson, Truman wrote: “We have men, in this day and age, who are prostitutes of the mind. They sell their ability to write articles for sale, which will be so worded as to mislead people who read them as news...
“Prostitutes of the mind are skillful purveyors of character assassination and the theft of good names of public men and private citizens too.  They are the lowest form of thief and criminal.”
Give ‘em hell, Harry!
Any disagreement?
Alert Americans know that most of the media is no longer in business to seek honest information.  The corporations that own the national press pretty much dictate how the news will be covered.
Studies show that about 90 percent of reportage on President Trump was negative.  Approximately 65 percent of the coverage of President Biden has been positive.  In fact, most of the national press likes Biden and loathes Trump.  So the stats are not a surprise.
In 2008, President Bush the Elder, certainly not a bomb-thrower, wrote me a letter that said this about the national press: “I think there is clear favoritism for the liberals and for the democrats.  Of course, I may be biased because some like the N.Y. Times (they are the worst) mercilessly hammer the President all the time ...”
George W. Bush was “the President.”
There is no question that Trump, Truman and Bush are correct.  The left controls the national media and if you want to participate, you have to promote liberalism in your job.  It’s a simple fact.
Of course, that erodes freedom because the American citizenry is not getting fact-based reporting in order to make responsible decisions.  Propaganda rules in the good old USA.
The United States was founded on the principle that individuals should be able to live their lives free of tyranny.  But, today, massive corporations have imposed media dishonesty on we the people.
Will they pay a price for that?  Maybe.  TV news ratings are drastically declining. Many newspapers are folding.
Karma?  I think so.