Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Speaks Out, Thousands of Illegals Disappear Into America and Can Americans Climb Out of An Economic Downturn?
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 12, 2022
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Hey Premium and Concierge Members, welcome to the No Spin News for Wednesday, January 12, 2022. Stand Up for Your Country. 

Tonight’s rundown:

  • More bad news for Joe Biden as a new poll reveals that Donald Trump would beat him in the 2024 election 
  • Will American families see any relief in 2022, as inflation rates continue to rise and families are falling deeper and deeper in debt?
  • Senator Ted Cruz grills an FBI agent about the possibility that a government informant actively participated in the January 6th riots – something she was unwilling to answer 
  • After the Biden administrations botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the government wants to give the crumbling country $300 million in financial aid
  • Bill speaks with former Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who was discharged from the military after he questioned leaders about withdrawing from Afghanistan 
  • Nearly 50,000 illegal immigrants disappear into the country after failing to report to court 
  • Chicago hopes that keeping murder suspects under home confinement will help their crime problem 
  • The This Day in History, 1971: All in the Family premieres
  • Final Thought: How to deal with lunatics – Bill needs your advice

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