Listen: O'Reilly/Hannity: Media Protecting Biden on Border, Middle East
By: BOR StaffJune 2, 2021
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Bill again joins Sean Hannity to bring a simple man’s perspective to the Hannity radio program. The duo also discuss Bill’s latest #1 best seller ‘Killing the Mob,’ which Hannity has now read despite his busy schedule.

Plus: the inner workings of the Biden-Harris administration and the decision to essentially open the border. Did Kamala Harris ‘panic’ when she was put in charge of the border? Is it because she knows the catastrophe that is the Biden border plan?

O’Reilly and Hannity also discuss the ‘unholy alliance’ that has formed between Russia and China providing weapons to Iran. Bill predicts war will break out in the Middle East within the next year or so.

The media is protecting Biden on both of these issues. If Trump were in this situation, it would be a different story.