Listen: O'Reilly and Beck on the Massive Failures of the Biden Administration
By: BOR StaffMay 28, 2021
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Bill again joins Glenn Beck to examine the major issues facing the USA, especially the massive failures of the Biden administration. Whether or not the president is even cognizant of what's going on, his radical team is harming the folks.

Bill accuses the Biden team of doing what FDR tried to do before he was slapped down by the Supreme Court - namely, to take over the entire economy with his massive budget. Saving the country will depend on state governors and attorneys general taking action in the courts.

Bill and Beck also look overseas to Israel, the Middle East and China. It was a momentous week in which even the mainstream media did an about-face and is now admitting that the Wuhan virus may have originated in a Chinese lab.

The duo wrapped things up by eviscerating the mainstream media, especially CNN's Jake Tapper, who habitually boasts about his honesty and virtue. Bill called Tapper 'corrupt' and 'vicious' and expressed tremendous glee because 'Killing the Mob' is absolutely demolishing Tapper's most recent book, the title of which few people know or care to know.