Listen: O'Reilly & Beck on Big Spending, the Upcoming Trump Interview, and More
By: BOR StaffOctober 8, 2021
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Bill again joined Glenn Beck to hash out the week’s biggest stories, beginning with the Senate Republicans who agreed to increase the debt limit. Bill expressed confidence that Mitch McConnell is the ‘biggest backroom deal-maker in American history’ and assured listeners that the Dems’ quest for a quasi-socialist country is destined to fail. 

Bill also tested Beck with his 10-question quiz initially presented on the No Spin News. The simple test shows just how removed the Biden team is from average Americans. 

The twosome then analyzed the startling move by the United States Attorney General to intimidate parents who are upset with Critical Race Theory and other fads that are damaging their children. Bill laid out the left’s overriding message: ‘If you object to progressive policies, no matter what they are, you are evil!’ 

Bill concluded with a preview of his upcoming interview with President Trump, which will take place in Mar-a-Lago next week.