Joe Biden Cannot Run this Country
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 21, 2022
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Most Americans did not see President Biden's press conference and only picked up morsels of it on the political websites or TV news programs. Doesn't matter though, the word is clearly out: Joe Biden cannot run this country.

If you remember, the same thing happened to President Trump. What he actually did in the Oval Office was rarely reported. The media, both social and corporate, simply attacked him every day. The public didn't really know what his policies were. They formed an impression based on what they "heard" not what they knew.

In Mr. Biden's case, his policies are directly hurting a large segment of the American people. In Trump's purview, we the people actually benefited economically. At least most of us.

Nevertheless, the fact is that the baseline for voters is no longer fact-based. It's largely emotion now. And the emotion has turned hard against Joe Biden.

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