History Repeats Itself
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 13, 2022
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History does repeat itself. When Pennsylvanian James Buchanan was inaugurated as the 15th president in 1857, the slave lobby was gleeful. They knew Buchanan was weak and meek, a man for no seasons.  So, their vile industry was likely to continue.

Four years later, the United States had pretty much fallen apart; seven southern states had seceded from the Union, federal forts and arms depots had been overrun, and almost no one respected Jimmy, who did absolutely nothing to protect his country.

The White House residence on the second floor is said to be haunted by the ghosts of presidents past. Joe Biden might summon up Buchanan, if he even knows who he is, for a conversation.

The arc of history has turned against President Biden. He has already caused enormous damage to the economy and the rule of law. He is a confused man, and the heavy odds are he will remain that way. He is entering James Buchanan territory as a Chief Executive disaster.

And he has two and a half years left in office.

Very grateful to everyone who is supporting "Killing the Killers," the top-selling book in the country. Also, if you missed the live Town Hall on Tuesday, it is posted with a bunch of other great stuff.

Enjoy the weekend.


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