By: Bill O'ReillyMay 15, 2022
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Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has a new book out that hammers Donald Trump. In America, that's an industry, is it not?

Esper was fortunate enough to land an interview on "60 Minutes" where he told Norah O'Donnell that Trump wanted to attack the Mexican drug cartels with missiles. Ms. O'Donnell did not challenge the statement.

Esper was misleading Norah, and the "60 Minutes" producers let her down by not researching effectively. President Trump did, indeed, consider using drone strikes against the Cartels, which are killing thousands of human beings, but only after designating the criminals "terror groups."

That official action allows the United States to take military action, as I chronicle in my book "Killing the Killers," which, unlike Esper's work, is actually honest.

I know this story because I discussed the scenario with Mr. Trump in private and initially reported it two years ago. The subject also came up last December during the Trump "History" shows. The former president explained in detail why he did not slap the terror label on the cartels as Mexican President Obrador finally agreed to help the USA control the border.

Enter Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan who embraces and embellishes Esper's phony reporting by alleging Trump "wanted to attack Mexican drug cartels ... then deny the missiles came from us."

Although that is clearly preposterous and unnecessary with the terror designation, Ms. Noonan parrots it, apparently without doing any research whatsoever.

Deeply embedded in the Washington establishment, Peggy Noonan is a "never-Trumper" and has promoted the cancel culture witch hunt as well. The theme of her column involving Esper is that both political parties are now riddled with fear.

"The Republicans are afraid of the Trumpers. The Democrats are afraid of the progressives. Both parties fear large parts of their base. So they lie to them ..."

There is truth to that statement. If Donald Trump runs for president again, no high-profile Republican will primary him and risk alienating his supporters.

On the other team, President Biden fears the far-left so much that he has embraced many of their insane policies, thereby causing grave damage to individual Americans.

It would be wrong to designate the progressive left as a "terror group," but come on, the destruction of the U.S. economy speaks for itself.

Ms. Noonan's column then rambles along and suddenly veers into the twilight zone as she calls for rational political debate: "I have never met a human being yet who was completely impervious - completely - to a sincere, respectful appeal to reason."

Ahem. I assume that Peggy has never "met" Vladimir Putin, the Iranian Mullahs, the race-baiters on MSNBC, and thousands of other destructive fanatics who cause pain on this planet every day.

Ms. Noonan should open a theme park called "Peggy's World." Disney would likely help her with it. Fantasyland could use an expansion.