Call Him Mr. Blue
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 16, 2022
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Call Him Mr. Blue
Boomers may remember a song by the Fleetwoods called "Mr. Blue."  It hit number one in 1959.  If they do a remake, President Biden should demand royalties because he is that guy: the blue man without the group.  The blue state commander.  And if he's not feeling blue himself, he should be.  Because nothing is going right for Mr. Blue.

Let's start with the dog he brought to the White House.  Almost immediately, the pooch started biting Secret Service agents.  An eviction notice went out, and Major was deported to Delaware.

Simultaneously, Joe Biden decided not to enforce immigration law at the border so millions of people are illegally crossing, most untested for Covid.  How is this a good thing for the country, Mr. Blue?  No answer has been forthcoming.

In conjunction with the open border came presidential attacks on the oil and gas industry in the name of climate change. Twelve months later, inflation has climbed 10 percent because energy prices surged. Mr. Blue said last week he is making progress solving the problem? But how?

No one knows.

Then came the cut and run from Afghanistan.  Then another Covid surge. Then a proposed new election law that discouraged IDs for voters.  But why?  We did get an answer to that question.  IDs are racist.


Then Mr. Blue went down in flames on the two trillion dollar "Build Back Better" deal. No one could quite figure out where all the tax money would actually go.  Joe didn't know just as he doesn't know how to contain Omicron.  He again says he's making progress.  Maybe inflation will catch Omicron.

I could go on singing the blues and directing the notes towards Mr. Blue who is still waiting for Kamala Harris' report on the "root causes" of border jumping. Maybe I can help here.

Mr. President and Ms. Vice President: the root cause of illegal border crossings is that the USA is a better country than Honduras.  You can fill in the names of other countries around the world to strengthen the point.

So let's wrap this up with a new poll that may make Joe Biden even bluer.  A Quinnipiac survey says just a third of the country believes he is doing a good job as president.  The rumor is many of the 33 percent are from Honduras.

As President Blue begins his second year in office the outlook for his presidency is dubious, to be kind.  In about ten months a red wave may obliterate the blue power structure in place now.  Those midterms are coming up fast and color me skeptical about Joe Biden's future.  

Next November it might very well be black and blue for the big guy.