Biden Fantasy
By: StaffJanuary 20, 2022
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With the U.S dealing with a multitude of serious issues, some on the right continue to get distracted, in some cases obsessed, with conspiracy theories regarding President Biden.

Following last night's press conference by the president, your humble correspondent hosted a live No Spin News outlining everything wrong with what the president said.

Breaking down why the current administration has been a failure, Bill gave a stark assessment of Biden’s presidency based on reality. It's bleak.

But for some, the reality of the situation is not enough. Instead, they get caught up in fantasy.

Our point to those bogged down in hypotheticals regarding whether the president is really at the White House or whatever fringe theories are being floated is this.  With technology being as advanced as it is, and the number of resources available, do you really think that it would look this bad?

Even CNN saw what most intelligent people saw yesterday, describing Biden's answers as "meandering."

Instead of looking for secret or subliminal messaging, just listen to what is being put forth.  If Biden does what he says he wants to do, that may be enough.