A Very Biden Thanksgiving
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 28, 2021
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A Very Biden Thanksgiving
The Biden family has a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving on Nantucket, an island belonging to Massachusetts. Very nice place if you can afford to live there.  Few can.

The President's crew celebrated at the home of David Rubinstein, 72, a billionaire four times over.  Rubinstein made his fortune taking over companies and then reselling them for huge profits.  Elizabeth Warren hates him.

The Biden family had plenty of room to roam in the lavish, ocean-front estate worth about $20 million.  Hunter Biden, in particular, found the environment much to his liking and was overheard saying: "Man, this is better than Ukraine."

His dad was also overheard asking Rubinstein: "You're richer than Barack's friends on Martha's Vineyard, right?"

The following is a partial transcript of the Thanksgiving dinner conversation.  Be forewarned, it came to me from anonymous sources, people widely quoted in the Woodward books.  So, I can't vouch.  Anyway, here we go.

President Biden: If, in fact, it is Thanksgiving ...

Jill Biden: Joe, honey, it is a fact - it's Thanksgiving!

David Rubinstein: Welcome, everyone, to our beach house.  We hope you enjoy the weekend, let the meal begin!

Hunter Biden: I'm expecting a call from Beijing.  How's the cell service here?

Jill Biden: Hunter, sweetheart, let's say grace.

Hunter Biden: Grace?  She's here?

Jill: No, the prayer.

President Biden:  The Pope told me I'm a good Catholic, I know lots of prayers.  At least I think that's what he said. He was speaking in rapid Spanish and kept asking if I wanted my parking ticket validated.  If, in fact, I drove there which I think I did.

David Rubinstein:  We have everything you could possibly want and I paid my fair share of taxes on the groceries which were 40 percent more expensive than last year.

President Biden: Here's the deal, pass the mashed potatoes.  You know, David, we Bidens don't pay for anything.  Never have.  The government picks up everything.  Right, Hunter?

Hunter Biden: It's the greatest deal!  I don't even have a job!

Jill Biden: Let's pause to think about the less fortunate on this Thanksgiving.

President Biden: Man, that would be everybody.  But I'm thinking specifically about Barack and Michelle.

David Rubinstein: So, Mr. President, how's Build Back Better going?

President Biden:  What?

Jill Biden: You know, Joe, the five trillion dollar spending bills?

President Biden: That's incredible.  Can we really spend that much?  How many zeros is that?

Jill Biden: It's going great, David, we should get it passed by the lunar eclipse three years from now.

President Biden: Then everyone would pay their fair share except Hunter.  We can't find his offshore accounts in the Caymans.

Hunter: You'll never find them, Dad ... (much chuckling and chortling).

Jill Biden: Oh, you guys!  May I raise a Thanksgiving toast: here's to our gracious host, David, who has more money than anyone Michelle even knows!

President Biden: And pays his fair share, that's what Anderson Cooper told me.

Hunter:  I may have left another laptop at a pawn shop in Nantucket Town.

Jill Biden: Oh, honey, again?

President Biden: If, in fact, he did, The New York Times will never run the story. That's so great!

Hunter Biden:  Just thought of something. Where's Kamala today?

Jill Biden: Your father sent her to the border to give turkeys to the three million, six hundred and thirty thousand migrants who have joined us since the inauguration!

Hunter Biden: So, that means she went to LA.

President Biden: Kamala?

Jill Biden:  Your Vice President, cupcake?

President Biden:  Yes, yes.  So enjoy, everyone.  Thanks, David.  And to all, a goodnight!

Hunter Biden: That's Christmas, dad.

President Biden: Zzzzzzz