Listen: O'Reilly & Beck on Abortion, Biden's Decline, CNN's Shame, and More
By: BOR StaffDecember 3, 2021
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Bill joined Glenn Beck to explore the week’s major happenings, beginning with the abortion case heard at the Supreme Court. Bill predicted that the court will allow states to restrict abortion, which will throw pro-abortion advocates into a tizzy. 

But he contended that the week’s biggest news is the Trafalgar Poll showing support for President Biden cratering. A whopping 36% of Americans believe he is doing a good job … or at least that’s what they claim. Bill suggested that President Biden simply ‘can’t process information’ and thus cannot solve any problems. 

Bill also laid out his theory as to why CNN cannot fire Chris Cuomo, despite his total lapse in ethics and judgment. The network allowed Cuomo to break all the rules and therefore is actually more of a villain than the pumped-up host. 

Finally, Beck revealed that he’ll be at one of the Trump-O’Reilly History Tour shows and threatened to heckle the duo from the audience.