Important Information for Memorial Day Weekend; New Guidelines for Reopening; Sensing a Rebellion in Michigan
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 22, 2020
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Hey, Premium Members. Welcome to the No Spin News for Thursday, May 21st, 2020 and extending through the Memorial Day weekend. Got a lot of information for you today. I always say look, if you're watching, you might have a little pad and pen and write down some of the info, because I'm sure you talk about things with your friends and family. It's great to have facts to back up your point of view.


So, let's begin with a study out of Columbia University in New York City that says 36,000  American lives could have been saved with earlier action, earlier action. Now, of course, that study is going to be used to attack the Trump administration. Oh, they should have acted earlier. All right. I'm a journalist who covers the news every day. I watch very closely. I'm not affiliated with any party. I'm looking out for you, my audience. I warned on January 22nd, I think I'm the first journalist in the country to do so, that this Wuhan on virus was going to be a factor, pardon the pun, we got to keep an eye on it. But at the same time, I was covering the impeachment and Donald Trump was in the middle of the impeachment and so was Congress. That lasted three weeks in January. So, it's not an excuse, it's a fact.


Now, I knew the virus was there, but I never, ever had any idea that it was going to paralyze the United States of America or any other country. Neither did any world leader, with the exception of Taiwan. Taiwan, I think it's because of their spy system inside of China. Remember, Taiwan is an island off China and Taiwan is a capitalist nation, China's communist. China hates Taiwan. It goes back to the revolution of 1949. Anyway, Taiwan's got spies all over China because China threatens Taiwan. So, Taiwan knew something amiss and they took very stringent regulatory steps and the island largely escaped the COVID pandemic.


South Korea was a different story because it had testing kits for the SARS epidemic that hit it hard a few years ago, so it already had. Remember, SARS and Corona are both Coronaviruses, so you can use the testing that they had and they had masks in South Korea. Even so, South Korea got hit much harder than Taiwan. So, the study is a Monday morning quarterback, it's a second guess. You know, I'm saying to myself, alright, and then I read further into the study and I see this, quote, "All models are only estimating and it is impossible to know for certain the exact number of people who would have died," unquote. It's a guess.


Now, here's the most important thing that you need to know this Memorial Day weekend. The United States and every other nation on earth counts on the United Nations and the World Health Organization, attached to the U.N., for accurate reporting about any kind of medical situation. That's why it's called the World Health Organization. It gets billions of dollars every year to do exactly that, watch medical situations on the planet, especially pandemics. Let me give you the timeline. On January 4th of this year, 2020, the W.H.O. reported on social media, not a press conference, that there were some cases in Wuhan of a virus. Nothing else. On January 14th, two weeks later, WHO said in a press briefing, so they're finally out there, there may be limited human to human transmission of the Coronavirus. Limited is the key word there.


All right. A week later, January 21st, W.H.O. experts conducted a field visit to Wuhan. It took them three weeks to get over to Wuhan, of course, the communists didn't want them there. All right. The next day, the W.H.O. mission to China issued a statement that there was evidence of human to human transmission, but more investigation was needed to fully understand what was happening, this is the World Health Organization. So, if you're President Trump or any other world leader, you're watching this. Some guy in D.C. can't be telling you what's happening in Wuhan, The New York Times can't be telling you, they don't know and they weren't even engaged anyway.


OK, then we get up to the evidence. So, the WHO says we don't have any hard evidence and on January 30th, last day of the month, the next day, Donald Trump stopped the flights from China. Remember that? The director general of the WHO declared the virus a novel outbreak, which was serious. This is the first time, and the next day President Trump took action. Does that make sense? I'm not trying to defend President Trump. I'm just telling you the truth. So, if I'm president, this is exactly what I'm doing. Alright. I'm distracted by impeachment, but I am paying attention. W.H.O. finally says it's an outbreak here, alright, I'm going to stop the flights, and he did, next day. Then we didn't hear anything from the W.H.O. of consequence until March 11th, March 11th, when they W.H.O. said it was a pandemic worldwide. So, Columbia University can second guess all it wants. It can issue the pinheaded studies, but that's the fact. Again, you will get that information nowhere else in this country except here. So, this Memorial Day weekend, when you're talking to your friends and family, you know, you really want to know what's going on?


So, we're watching Georgia and we're watching California because Georgia has opened up, as you know. We did a big thing yesterday. California, hasn't opened up, but the people are rebelling out there. They're not listening to Governor Newsom any longer and Los Angeles, the Mayor Garcetti, is losing control there as well. All right. Let's take Georgia first. So overnight, there were 368 new cases. Alright, it went from 580 to 948 from May 19th to May 20th. That's a fairly significant jump in Georgia. However, there's increased testing now. Now, I don't know whether that's the reason, I couldn't possibly tell you, but it's a little troubling. So let's watch Memorial Day weekend, people in Georgia are out, they're eating in restaurants. They're socializing, going to beach. Let's watch. California has been a fairly significant pop from May 17th to May 20th, today is the 21st, so yesterday. All right. 700 cases, an increase of 700 cases from the 17th to the 20th. Again, could be more testing, we don't know, but there's a slow rise. OK, so just keep that in mind.


Now deaths. 95,000 Americans have died from COVID. That's what the official stats say. I think that's accurate, in that range. OK. If you take New York City out of the equation, it's seventy nine thousand dead here. All right. Second in the world in deaths is the United Kingdom, 36,000. So we lead the league by a lot. Now, China probably has as many deaths as we have, but they're never going to tell you that, so you'll never know. Italy, 32,000. France, 28. Spain, 28. So, USA 95, 79 if you take New York City out. UK, 36. Why are we the most affected? Because we are the most affluent society and we have the most mobility and people come here from all over. They come to New York primarily, that's the port of entry, and on the west coast, Los Angeles.


Now in New York City, here's what happened, and this was the key to the whole virus situation here. Early on, there was an outbreak in New Rochelle, which is a suburb of New York City, a northern suburb. It came from Europe and there were a number of people affected and authorities walled off New Rochelle. The problem was the trains still were coming from there and the subways and the buses and the transit system in New York spread the disease like crazy. COVID spreads primarily in enclosed places where there are lots of people. That's the evidence, that's where it spreads the most. So, on the subways and buses and trains of New York, people were carrying the disease and they didn't know it and then all people in the subway car and a bus were exposed. Then they went out and a lot of them left New York and went to other parts of the country. That's what happened.


But here's what happened even worse than that. There are two kinds of people in the United States. There are people like you who seek information, they read the paper, they watch TV news, they come to this website or others. They want to know what's happening. Now, some of them do on a day to day basis. Some of them do every few days weekly, whatever. But I would put the number at about 65, 70 percent people who, they know kind of what's going on. About 35 percent of Americans don't know anything and they don't seek information and they don't absorb because their lifestyle cuts that off. They don't watch news, they don't read the newspaper. Some people can't speak English. They're not interested for whatever reason and what's going on. They're in their own little world, and it's easy to be in your own little world with the machines and the headphones on. T.


Hose 35 percent, they were way behind the curve on the pandemic. They didn't get what was happening, so there was no caution. Whereas most people by St. Patrick's Day, when all the parades were canceled, they knew, hey, wait a minute, careful here. We better watch it. Now, we didn't have masks then, back then, but we were distancing and watching. Ratings on TV news went up. People were engaged. But there was a, you know, millions of people who didn't know anything and they blithely went around and did what they always did. It took him three to four weeks to catch up. That's what killed New York and Los Angeles and other clustered cities where people are very close together. Now in Los Angeles, would you guys were saved out there in California cause you're in a car. You're not in the subway. I mean, there's a system in L.A., but not many people use it. San Francisco's got BART, but, you know, again most people in a car, saved you.


So, what you have now is everybody knows what's happening now and then the authorities finally stepped in and said, you got to wear masks. You got to do this. We closed everything down and then the containment started to happen and cases started to drop. Now we're reopening and we have to, as I said yesterday. If you didn't see yesterday's broadcast, please watch it because I did editorialize it's over, the shutdown is over. You got to go back now. All right. Two months is enough. We have to get back with guidelines, with caution, have to get back. It's just too much devastation if we continue this.


Now, the CDC issued a study yesterday, late yesterday, I got it late last night, that says that COVID does not spread easily from touching contaminated surfaces or objects. So, those of you who are wiping down everything, changing shoes and all that, the CDC says you don't have to worry about that very much. It doesn't spread on that. It spreads airborne, it spreads if somebody coughs or somebody this and that. You breathe it, you get it. All right. So I thought that was interesting.


Now, the reopening guidelines have been issued by the CDC, this story has been played down. The reason it's been played down is because it takes authority away from the governors. Alright, so the governors, they want to issue their own guidelines. They don't want the CDC guidelines. That's why you haven't heard about it much, but it's interesting. So, the schools are going to open. Notre Dame, we told you yesterday, the colleges they have to open, if college doesn't open in the fall, they're gonna go out of business because kids aren't gonna pay 50, 60 grand to sit at home and do internet stuff. So, college is going to open. If colleges open, high school is going to open. Now, maybe New York City will be an exception because de Blasio is really, you know, he's threatening to drag people out of the beach water. I mean, the guy is just a loon, but everywhere else you can count on schools being open in the fall.


So, the CDC says if the school opens, this is what you have to do. Alright? The desks in the classroom have to be six feet apart. Okay. Lunch meals have to be eaten in the classroom, not in a cafeteria. Alright. You have to get teachers, and the teachers will probably have to wear some kind of mask, face covering. The students, it doesn't say whether students will wear mass or not, I would assume that in most schools they'll have to, but it doesn't say here. Restaurants, no more silverware, even though it says services, it's all going to be plastic throwaways. Not good for the environment. Touchless payment options. That means you give your credit card number, you add a tip and they'll just write it down. All right. Drive through his preferred, but if you go in, you've got to be six feet apart.


OK. No self-serve stuff at all and limit the number of employees in the workplace at the same time. So that means that the restaurants are only going to serve a certain amount of people inside. That all makes sense to me. Then mass transit is going to close every other row of seats. So, the airlines are saying we're going to do 60% of capacity, no middle seats, that kind of thing. The buses and trains every other row. You know? OK. These are the guidelines that are going to come out and that'll be for the rest of the year, you can assume that will happen. So the unintended consequences, of course of the shutdown, which is why the shutdown has to end now, and it will, it will. It's an it's a fait accompli. The only hold out is going to be New York City because people you know, if you look what happened in Michigan and California, people are going, we're not going obey these rules, we're not. I'll get to Michigan in a minute. So, 15 million credit card bills were not paid in April. Financial hardship, people holding credit card debt or saying they can't pay it, 15 million, that's lower than I thought it would be. You're not gonna be penalized for missing, but you're going to have to pay or they'll cut you off, but they'll give you a little room.


All right, let's go to politics. So, President Trump is in Michigan and he's at a Ford plant in Ypsilanti. He's there because the Ford people have helped in making medical equipment in addition to cars. Now, the Michigan governor, Whitmer despises Donald Trump and so does the attorney general, Dana Nessel, and they're demanding the president wear a face mask wherever he goes. They're just trying to give him a hard time. You know, if I know Trump, he's not going to wear the face mask, but maybe he will. I don't know. We're taping this before he's out there.


The reason Donald Trump's going to Michigan is that the Republican Party senses this rebellion and they sense that the people are going to vote Republican because Whitmer is such a dictator here. She's irrational. She's she is unreasonable. So, to make their descent clear, barbers, I love this story, barbers start to cut hair on the front lawn of the state capitol in Lansing, Michigan. Lansing is the capital. So, 12 barbers set up and cut 330 heads, as they say in the industry. So then Whitmer could see, because Whitmer won't open the barber shops. You know, that's what protest is. On a cautionary note, another Ford plant in Dearborn had to shut down because a bunch of people got COVID. Again, small confined area inside, that's where it spreads. So, Trump believes he can carry Michigan, he needs it, he obviously needs it to win reelection.


Let's get on to Hunter Biden. So, Hunter Biden, as you know, took money from Ukraine and China for doing whatever Hunter Biden did. Nobody quite understands what he did, but took a lot of money, millions of dollars. So, this has gone down with the pandemic and impeachment, we haven't heard a lot about Hunter Biden lately. So, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee issued a subpoena to Bluestar Strategies, which did something, it's complicated, vis a vis Hunter Biden. There's a company named Bluestar Strategies, and they were involved with Hunter Biden on some level. I can't really explain it to you now, I don't want to be inaccurate, but anyway, it's not important. What is important is that Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security Committee subpoenaed documents from Bluestar to try to embarrass Hunter Biden and by extension, Joe Biden. So this is on the rise again. Just want to give you a signal on that.


So Nancy Pelosi, and this is really a key, this why I did the story today. I said to my staff, I don't know about that story. I don't know if that's big. But then Pelosi comes out, Speaker of the House, and says, quote, "Nearly 100,000 Americans have died from the virus, yet the GOP Senate is wasting precious time and taxpayer dollars smearing the president's political rivals while telling hungry families and laid off workers to take a pause," unquote. Now, Pelosi is worried about this. She is worried about it. You never would have said anything if it was inconsequential. So that elevated the story, and that's what journalism is, you watch and you see. So I'll keep you posted on it. Pelosi doesn't like it.


All right. So Kamala Harris, the senator from California, is being considered as a vice presidential nominee by Joe Biden. Miss Harris is a far left individual who didn't perform well in the primary system, I think that's fair. She got no traction anywhere. Nobody really wanted to vote for her. She's a quasi socialist, didn't used to be, used to be a fairly tough prosecutor. Alright. She was a D.A. in San Francisco and then the states attorney general. She was pretty no nonsense, but then she miraculously changed and morphed into a left wing person. All right. Now, you'll remember her horrible performance in the Kavanaugh hearings where she denied Justice Kavanaugh due process. Totally outrageous. Doesn't believe in due process, by the way, Kamala Harris. You're guilty if she wants you to be guilty. Evidence doesn't matter to her. She doesn't care. So I'm going, oh, do we want a vice president who doesn't care about evidence? Is that what we want? Because that's on her resumé forever.


So now, she has virtual signal by introducing a resolution. S.RES.580, the resolution condemns and denounces anti-Asian sentiment, racism, discrimination and religious intolerance related to the Coronavirus and specifically cites phrases such as 'Wuhan Virus,' 'Chinese Virus' and 'Kung Flu.' She wants them banned and if you use them, then you're a racist. This sounds a little fascistic to me. So in addition to due process, which fascists don't believe in, she wants to ban these words or if you use them, you get labeled a racist by a congressional resolution. So, if this ever passed, and it won't, but if it ever did and you used Kung Flu in a joke, then you'd be a racist officially. This is called virtue signaling, believe all women, virtue signaling. All right. Any kind of minority cause you have to support. Anyone, doesn't matter what it is. You have to support it. Virtue signaling. Now, anti-Chinese discrimination because you say Wuhan Virus. Well, I'm going to say Wuhan Virus when I want to because it's accurate. I wouldn't say Kung Flu, I wouldn't do that because that makes me look sophomoric. Chinese Virus, I wouldn't use that, it is not specific enough. Wuhan Virus? Absolutely. So that is Kamala Harris. Does she  have a chance to be V.P.? Yeah, she's got a chance.


Alright, so Alex Trebek, I know I'm a little bit. He's a good guy, known him a long time. He's battling cancer, very courageous man. You know, I pray for Alex and his family. So he's in Jeopardy! for decades and he's brilliant at it, you know that. So last night, this happened. Go.


"Bills, $800." 


"In 2013, 'Killing Jesus' by Martin Dugard and this pundit topped the bestseller list. Ben.".


"Who is Bill O'Reilly."


"He's the one.".


Here I am. I love being on Jeopardy! Okay, let's go to the mail. Paula Lockmiller. Melrose, New Mexico. "Bill, you and I are on the same page about opening the country and we can open restaurants safely. What is your opinion about having your name, phone, email taken before you eat in a restaurant and have them track you for four weeks? That's the only way the New Mexico governor will allow us to eat in a restaurant." I don't like it. It's intrusive. Would I do it? Yeah, I probably would do it because I understand that if somebody got the virus and a bunch of people got it in one restaurant, you would want to know when they were there and then who else they're associated with. So, I wouldn't like it, but I understand.


Lisa. Concierge Member. Thank you, Lisa. On the message board. "Wish tonight's podcast could be heard by Los Angeles County supervisors. The new date for re-opening the county is July 5th. The shutdown is absolutely hurting everyday folks in the City of the Angels." Of course it is, but I got a lot of friends out in L.A. and they're pretty much doing what they want. Now, you can't open the restaurants and all that, but I think you're going to see in June a lot of modifications Lisa. I hope so anyway. Just remember, next voting time. Remember Garcetti, the mayor. Remember what he's doing.


Barbara Redmond. Massapequa, New York. "Bill, I'm big fan, but I disagree with your advice to seniors to stay home. You told us last week you had a haircut. I'm over 65. I desperately need a haircut. So when beauty parlors open, I'll be there wearing my mask. I trust the beautician will make sure there's social distancing and I'll be safe." I don't have a problem with that. But if you are over65, as I said yesterday, with a preexisting condition, your health is not good, stay home as much as you can. Come on, Barbara, you know that's good advice. If you want to get a haircut and the beauty parlor is open, the barber shop is open, go ahead. But make sure that the beautician is wearing a mask, you have one on and that you know, you're apart. That's all, and you'll be fine, I hope.


Joe Chaot. Joliet, Illinois. "About the date between Obama and Trump regarding the portrait unveiling. Put yourself in Trump's shoes. They really did a number on him. If you were the president, would you be hosting Barack Obama at the White House for an unveiling?" But if I were president, I would have dealt with Barack Obama differently than Donald Trump has. However, as I write in 'The United States of Trump,' very bad blood between the two and it goes back many years. So I understand what's going on.


Richard. Concierge Member. Thank you, Richard. "I think you should take a different approach to Donald Trump's ability to win reelection. You talk too much about the possibility of him losing." Then I would not be covering the election in a fair way, would I? If I did that, if I did your suggestion, Richard, I'd be rooting for Donald Trump to win. If I root for Donald Trump to win, then I'm going to skew the coverage of the election. I am not going to tell you what's happening, because I'm going to want to spin it Trump's way. That's what is happening in America, we're not going to do that here. The polls are the polls. I give you the polls, I tell you they're not going to matter until October. It doesn't matter with polls say now, but I'll give them to you and I'll tell you that this is going to be a close election, in my opinion. Not going to be a blowout.


Mike. "Has Joe Biden made any updates about his V.P.? When is the deadline?" Deadline is the convention in Milwaukee in August. There will be a convention. It won't be a big deal, but there'll be TV coverage of it. Then he can make his announcement anytime he wants between now and then. Remember Sarah Palin? Nobody knew her until the convention. McCain went out and there she was.


Mike O'Sullivan. Reynoldsburg, Ohio. "President Trump now strongly supports General Flynn, but why did Trump fire him and is there a chance that the president might rehire General Flynn?" From what I understand, General Flynn was not honest with Vice President Pence about a few matters. I don't know specifically what those matters were. When Pence told Trump that, Trump let him go. Now we see the FBI set up Flynn, Trump is rightfully saying, hey, this guy got persecuted. But I don't think that he'll be back in the federal government. If I were General Flynn, I would not do that.


Barbara Grazel. Barnesville, Pennsylvania. "I'm a retired elementary principal and you continue to keep learning alive for me by watching your podcasts and reading your well-written, informative books. My only complaint is that Holly, the Terror Dog is a superstar and should be part of the No Spin News each and every day." I run into problems with the union, the Corgi union, if I put Holly on every day. The terror dog is in good shape. I do tweet her pictures out four or five times a day. I have a tweet of her today, which is very funny. But I'll get Holly on maybe once every three or four weeks. I appreciate you writing, and you know, Holly is a star, no doubt about it.


Father's Day coming up, June 21st. Best gift ever is a Lifetime Premium or Concierge Membership. You get all the 'Killing' books, including 'Killing Crazy Horse,' which is going to come out in September. All right. So, you get nine books. I told you yesterday, I'm giving you the shirt off my back, literally, I am. But more importantly, dad and granddad, you know, this is a supersonic gift for them, particularly if they like to read my books and they like to watch the No Spin News, it really is. It shows unbelievable respect and love for your father or grandfather or both.


OK, here is the Final Thought of the Day. I am tired of seeing on the internet pictures of celebrities in their shutdown circumstance. I don't care. Now, if you want to put the pictures on your own Instagram or something, alright, I guess. It's a free country, but they're just so unnecessary, I think that's the word. Gwyneth Paltrow, okay, here's Gwyneth. Now, Gwen is a big industry, she sells all kinds of goop and she even calls it goop. So she wants to keep herself in the public eye to sell products, but, you know, Gwyneth, enough's enough. It really is. Then we have Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know, in a hot tub with a cigar. Is that really good, Governor? You really, you know, most people don't have hot tubs. Cigar smoking is bad for you. Is this really good? Does that help anybody out over there?


Alright, then we have Gisele Bundchen, she's Tom Brady's wife. I think she's like every day, Gisele has got something going on. I don't know where she is, Costa Rica there? I don't know. Who knows. Kourtney Kardashian and a whole Kardashian crew, they can't stop, they just can't. They're addicted. They can't stop putting pictures up. Can't. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. Again, I mean, they can't stop. Every hour on the hour. Do we really need this? And Martha Stewart, you know, I was mean to Martha at one point in my career because of her insider trading thing. I regret that. I regret it. So, I'm not going to hammer Martha, but I will say, look, you know, not everybody is wealthy like you, madam, and has a big kitchen the size of three houses. You might want to just tamp it down. But again, she wants to sell stuff like Gwyneth Paltrow.


So these celebrities, when I see that, I just go, ugh. I think it hurts them more than it helps them. All right. So, I want you to have a great Memorial Day weekend. You know, we got, a really interesting situation, but I think it's on the upswing. I think the USA is on the upswing. But I want you to think about the million and a half Americans who have been killed in wars fighting for their country. Million and a half dead from the revolution all the way up to Afghanistan now. Please think about them, maybe say a prayer for the families and for their souls and all the wounded. People's lives have been altered in a terrible way by serving their country. Of course, on this Memorial Day, great place to help the severely wounded vets. You know, there are a lot of military charities, you might kick them a few bucks even in a time of pandemic.


Have a great time. I'll be checking in almost every day. So, come back to us. We've got terrific, the Bernie and Sid radio thing with me today is hysterical. Hysterical. You want a few laughs? Punch that up. We get a lot of stuff on there for you and we'll see you again on Tuesday.


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